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Social Media

Does your RV park/resort/campground need to be on Facebook?
And if you do need to be on Facebook, what do you need to have on your page, how often do you need to post to your page and how do you measure the effectiveness of your efforts?

Does your RV park/resort/campground need to be on Twitter?
How do you measure your impact on Twitter? What the heck is Twitter anyway?

Does your RV park/resort/campground need to be blogging?
How much time should you devote to blogging and where are you going to find the time for it?

It is possible to condense your RV park/resort/campground Social Media effort down into a manageable size.
Give me a call and lets get this monster under control.

Recommended Vendors

Email Program

Vertical Response

Vertical Response is a great email program that doesn't require you to pay a monthly fee. You can pay for emails as you need them. One of the best.

Graphic Design

Chris Hoy Graphic Communications

If you are looking for unique graphics for your brochures, business cards or website, you can't go wrong with Chris. He is an extremely talented artist that also understands the need to stay in budget.

Guest Guides

Texas Advertising

Brian and his crew do an outstanding job on guest guides. They are dependable, reliable and always professional. You can't go wrong with them.

Website Development and Hosting

19 Design Studio

19 Design Studio can give you an award winning website at a reasonable cost. Paige and her crew understand the needs of the rv industry and can Wow you with their work.