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Social Media

Does your RV park/resort/campground need to be on Facebook?
And if you do need to be on Facebook, what do you need to have on your page, how often do you need to post to your page and how do you measure the effectiveness of your efforts?

Does your RV park/resort/campground need to be on Twitter?
How do you measure your impact on Twitter? What the heck is Twitter anyway?

Does your RV park/resort/campground need to be blogging?
How much time should you devote to blogging and where are you going to find the time for it?

It is possible to condense your RV park/resort/campground Social Media effort down into a manageable size.
Give me a call and lets get this monster under control.

RV Park Marketing & RV Resort Social Media Marketing

We have entered a new era of RV park marketing and it is both a great new opportunity and a new burden. Now, you not only need to have a PV park marketing plan in place for your advertising, email blasts, press releases and your marketing packets, you also need a RV resort social media marketing plan in place before you jump into the pool.

Do you spend your RV park marketing dollars on ads in various places as they come up? Do you wait until a sales rep gives you a call and tells you how a great product is being offered and you have to get in on it now? Or how about all those RV websites that want you to advertise on their site for only $100 for a year? Now is the time to get your RV park marketing under control.

Without a plan your marketing efforts are going to be all over the map. Without a plan how are you going to measure your success or failure with a particular method? Without a plan how are you going to control how your RV park marketing dollars are spent?

Yes, you need to be able to react to a good deal when it comes up, but take a look back at last year and see how much you of your RV park marketing dollars you truly spent and what result you received for each? Did that RV website that you paid $100 for really drive traffic to your website? Did the ad in the magazine result in more RV reservations?

Your marketing plan doesnt have to cost an arm and a leg or even be in a nice, neat package; but you do need to have something written down that you can take a look at on a regular basis to decide if you are on the right track or if you need to change something.

Give me a call, lets lay out your RV park & RV resort marketing roadmap and get the route planned out. Since this call isnt going to cost you anything more than the phone call itself, what have you got to lose?

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