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Looking for help in getting the word out to market your RV park or RV resort? You've come to the right place. You need to tell everyone about your RV park, whether you call it a RV park, a RV resort, or a campground. But where do you find the time to plan what you want to say?

Contact me today and let's find out what you need to do to get the word out there!

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What We Do

Writing unique and creative copy for your RV Park/Resort/Campground and then posting it on the web for all to see can eat up a lot of your time.

Working with you on creating a RV website that gets Search Engine attention, your needs are priority one.

All you need to spend to find out more is one phone call. Let's talk about YOUR business, what YOU need, what YOU want..

There is NO charge, NO gimmicks, NO scam. I would love to just talk to you about what you need.

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Parks & Groups

Finding a RV park that will work for a RV group rally is almost as hard as a RV park being able to find a RV group rally to market to.

FocusedWords is taking the hard part out of the equation. Check out what we have to offer, fill out your form and lets get busy matching you up with the right person.

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Marketing & Social Media

There are a number of Soparks-groups.htmlcial Media sites out there and each one has a slightly different approach. How you will market your RV Park/Resort/Campground using Social Media and which site you will use is a complex decision. Along with your RV Park marketing plan you need to have a Social Media plan so that you dont spend your time repeating the same mistakes whether you are working on print marketing, online marketing, Social Media marketing or advertising.

With extensive experience in both planning Marketing and Social Media campaigns, FocusedWords can help you sort through the buzz words and come up with a plan that will work for your RV Park/Resort/Campground.

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